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Irene Klar - Haida Thoughts - Cushion Cover


Irene Klar - Haida Thoughts - Cushion Cover

Irene Klar has been painting professionally for over 40 years. She could not resist the lure of art. A few years after graduating with degrees in Physical Therapy and Science from McGill University in Montreal, she received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, in 1977. She has devoted herself to painting and printmaking since then. She taught watercolour at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension. Irene created several commissioned pieces for the Trans-Canada Trail, the Unitarian Services Committee and Amnesty International (United States, Canada, and Spain). She has donated her designs for many nonprofit fundraising activities and charitable organizations.

Although she began her professional career as a watercolour painter, she is also a printmaker. She produced numerous silkscreen editions over the years and is also an accomplished etcher. Her works have been included in juried shows in New Zealand, Slovenia and Spain. The book, Common Threads, features Irene Klar's etchings and explains the printmaking process. The Gitskan village of 'Ksan in British Columbia mounted an exhibition of Klar etchings and artwork in 2004. In 2008, she illustrated "Nine Minutes", a children's book for Yeo Wan Media, Korea. Her work is featured cover art on several books and was included in a number of film sets.