Dale Of Norway - Otelie Women's Jacket

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Dale Of Norway - Women's Otelie Jacket - Navy 

Marine / Night Blue

A delicate and comfortable jacket with a highlighted waistline and loose fit at the hips. The detailed design is inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns and the flow and movement of nature. Otelie’s feminine and elegant silhouette suits women of all sizes. Made from 100% skin-soft, ultra-fine merino wool: 14.5 micron – same as cashmere. ‘Otelie’ is a Norwegian woman’s name (a derivative of the French name ‘Ottilie’) popular in the 1880s and it means ‘hereditary rights’.


  • 100% ultra-fine merino wool (14,5 micron)
  • Designed and knitted in Norway
  • Hand wash
  • Glass buttons