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Cowichan Sizing Chart

Measurements must be collected in three ways to create the perfect custom Cowichan sweater:

  • Arm Length
    Measure from the center of the back of the wearers neck to where the wrist meets the hand or as long as the wearer wants it (make sure to measure with arms stretched straight out from the neck for accurate measurements).
  • Body Length
    Measure all the way from where the wearers neck meets their shoulders to the length desired on the waist/hip area (or as long as you want your custom sweater).
  • Chest circumference
    Measure all the way around the wearers chest or bust area. Remember to add 4-6 inches to your measurement to allow for some comfort in the fit and clothing under the Cowichan sweater.

*Now that you have all the sizes recorded, here are the chest sizes you can choose from to place your custom order. Remember to ADD 4-6 inches to the wearers chest measurement for the perfect fit.


Small - (40-42)
Medium - (44-46)
Large-XLarge - (48-50)
Children - (52-54)


Small- (24-26)
Medium- (28-30)
|Large- (32-34)
XLarge- (36)

*Now, just choose from the options provided for the wearers complete size in the drop-down menu provided (located in each Cowichan sweater/vest on our website), also please provide the additional measurements (arm length and body length) in the "Note to Amos & Andes" section of the checkout section. We will then be able to create your custom Cowichan as quickly as possible, and we thank you for shopping with Amos and Andes.