Mansted - Bubba Cotton Button Cardigan - Large

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Mansted - Budda Cotton Button Cardigan

100% cotton jersey

Danish designer, Charlotte Mansted, creates personal knitwear collections with pure quantities of yak & wool and cotton & linen/hemp.  Her colors are rich and complex with a mix of different colored fibers.

about mansted

mansted is a personal knitwear collection designed and developed by charlotte mansted. the brand was created in 2002, and the two annual collections : spring/summer & autumn/winter are currently sold in denmark, sweden, norway, finland, poland, germany, holland, belgium, canada & usa.
frisbæk aps is responsible for the selling and the distribution of mansted.


yak & wool : to protect the environment – airing garments outside can be used instead of every second wash, especially if damp outside. we recommend handwash in 30°C tepid water with liquid wool soap. place garment flat while drying. use steam iron.

cotton & linen/hemp : machine wash on the wool programme, at 30°C with mild liquid soap. turn inside out. place garment flat while drying – away from the sun. use steam iron.