Cotton Babydoll Dress


Cotton Babydoll Dress

Beautiful, lightweight "Babydoll dress". 

100% Cotton.
Has 2 functional pockets on the front.

It is not surprising that you love pockets. Did you know that its history is totally gendered in French Revolution where both men and women carried bags. But with the political upheaval Of the Late 18th Century gender norms became more strict. Women's fashion changed to favour tight gowns the clung to the body and left no room for lumpy pockets. Not having pockets made it difficult to travel alone, to write, to carry objects, or navigate public spaces. The less women could carry the less freedom women had.  Pockets didn't make a comeback in women's clothing until the 20th Century and the suffragette movement. Pockets and feminism are bound up in modern history. So we will never stop celebrating a jumpsuit with a pocket.