Dale of Norway - Mount Red Women's Sweater


Dale of Norway - Mount Red Fem Sweater


100% skinsoft extra-fine merino wool. 19.5 Micron.

Soft as cashmere, spun from an extra-fine premium merino wool.  By exclusively using the finest yarn, combined with a unique knitting techniques, Dale of Norway have reduced pilling to a degree normally not experienced with such soft yarns.

Machine wash using wool-cycle.

Wool is nature's own high-tech material - Superior insulation and breathability, regulates your body temperature, absorbs and wicks moisture, warm when wet or damp, naturally odor resistant, elastic, non static and maintains its shape.  Wool is a 100% natural and sustainable fiber

The yarn is combed, as opposed to brushed, this removes short fibers and ensures a softer feel with little to no pilling and a crisp look.

The superior quality merino wool is animal-friendly and naturally, mulesing-free.