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Canada Day, July 1st occasion to show our pride in our history, culture and achievements. Perhaps no country has been as successful in finding its strength through cooperation and its identity through acceptance and respect. For generations Canadians come together, bridging cultures and communities, to seek a more hopeful future for all. 

  Cowichan sweater

We always remember that the founding people of Canada are the Indigenous people. Their contribution to our history, traditions and art are invaluable. Many of them became symbols of Canada and are named as an object of national historic significance. One of them are iconic Cowichan sweaters.

Cowichan sweater

Sweaters, which found their recognition in the world famous fashion houses and between ordinary Canadian people, traditionally, were used by the Cowichan community to keep them warm in winter months. Unique patterns and hand-knitting methods made them popular all around the world, which were how they gained their iconic status. 
Cowichan sweater


We are happy to hold Cowichan inspired handmade masterpieces on the shelves of Amos & Andes store in Whistler and to offer you a part of Canadian history and traditions in your wardrobe. Lifelasting, unique, hand-knitted natural thick wool sweaters will keep you warm and always remind you of what a great country Canada is!




We are always looking to work with Coast Salish knitters who make consistently good quality sweaters.  In the meantime our sweaters are made by hand in British Columbia with high quality Canadian yarn.  Keeping tradition alive as best as we can.


Happy Canada day! 

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