Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is synonymous with quality winter sweaters and sport excellence.  Dale of Norway has built a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of Norwegian sweaters.

Wool is our fabric of choice because of the fibers’ unique properties that makes it perfectly suited for the way Amos & Andes patrons wear our garments. Wool is also completely sustainable. It is a flexible, strong and non-static fiber in addition to being naturally soil — and water resistant. Wool is a great insulator against both cold and warm conditions, even when wet, is naturally flame retardant and can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. Perfect for strenuous activities.

Dale of Norway has specialized in wool garments since the company was established in 1879 and has been featured since Amos & Andes opened our shop in 1994.

Dale’s knitwear has a long and unique history of environmentally friendly products and production. Not only is Dale’s knitwear made with 100% natural wool, Dale of Norway’s production is powered by sustainable hydroelectric energy generated by local waterfalls in the Dale Valley of Norway.