Hi, my name is Jane and I'm addicted to knitting

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Come into Amos and Andes, The Whistler Sweater Shop and you will find me happily knitting and talking wool and natural fibres to anybody that comes in the door.

I make cozy hand knit accessories here in Whistler from wool and wool blends. Everything I make is one of a kind- I don't like to make exactly the same thing twice. Each hat, scarf, cowl, pair of fingerless mitts (ok I will make a matching pair of those) or custom dog sweater is unique, I pick out the yarn, with choices like Peruvian sheep wool, alpaca, merino wool, silk, American Targhee fine wool and lambs wool, and it tells me what it wants to be. Then I knit! At work, while waiting for my computer to boot up, at red lights, doctors appointments, at parties, in bars, during movies, anywhere and everywhere, my hobby is wonderfully portable.

My Grandma, Nanny May taught me to knit when I was about 8, it stuck. I knit through High school and college and when I moved to Canada from England and I didn't know anybody my knitting kept me busy when I wasn't working at my nannying job. The only part of my life when I wasn't knitting was when the kids were little, much too busy! I started selling my hand knit accessories a couple of years ago when I just couldn't wear everything I made. I will knit a hat or a mitten whenever I watch a hockey game and I'm a huge Canucks fan.

If you are looking for a unique, local item, hand made with love and passion you can find them at Amos and. Andes. If you need to replace a favourite piece that has worn out or been lost, bring me a picture and I will try to recreate it. I make custom Cowichan style dog sweaters tailored to your pooches exact measurements.

Contact Me

You can call me at (604) 932-7202 or you may write to me by commenting below or filling out our Contact form.  

Jane has since moved from Whistler, we miss her!

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