Why Wear A Wool Sweater in the Summer?

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 As crazy as it might sound wearing a wool sweater in the summer is actually more comfortable for your body than a cotton, linen or synthetic sweater.

 Shearing sheep in spring allows them to have at least one inch of wool on their coats for the summer. That inch of wool helps keep sheep comfortable during the hottest periods of the year in much the same way it does for us humans: by wicking moisture away from the surface skin to help dissipate body heat more rapidly.




 Wool has a natural ability to take up moisture in a vapour form.  The tiny pores on the outer layer of the fibre allow moisture to pass through the wool, leaving a layer of dry air next to your skin. This is why wool is unbeatable at regulating your body temperature.

 I wear wool for sweaty activities like hiking, biking, skiing and sleeping year-round. Once you try you won’t be able to go back to other fibres.

 ‘Merino’ wool is one of the most comfortable types of wool to wear in the summer, because merino's incredibly fine, lightweight fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and effectively evaporate it into the air, as efficiently as a thicker wools.

 Wool will not wrinkle like your favourite cotton or linen fabrics. 

 Wool has a UV barrier keeping your skin protected from UV radiation.

 Wool resists odours which is another benefit for the summer activities.

 So why not put on in the summer sweater this July? Try it, you will love it. Trust us and our traditional wool sweaters.

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