Aran - Side Zip Cardigan - Night Blue

Aran - Side Zip Cardigan - Night Blue

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Irish - Short, Side Zip Cardigan - Night Blue

Made with 100% Merino Wool in Ireland.

This Cable Knit Jacket features an intricate Cable pattern in a downwards direction resulting in a flattering and slimming effect. 

This is my favourite Irish sweater!

How to take care? The golden rule is wash as seldom as possible and air frequently. We call this ‘wind-washing’, hang your garment out in the air and you will be amazed at how fresh it becomes. Never machine wash; they should be washed by hand using wool washing detergent and in cool water below 30 degrees Celsius. Always dry your jumper flat and never put in a tumble drier.

Before you store a sweater it must be clean. The best way to store a sweater is in an airtight container.