Experience a cultural tradition at Amos & Andes


Experience a cultural tradition of long-lasting, warmth and comfort at Amos & Andes, The Whistler Sweater Shop

Amos & Andes, The Whistler Sweater Shop has been operating at the same location for more than 25 years. Shop owner Hilary Davison is a sweater expert and passionate about wool's natural fibre. Its long history of tradition and culture from all over the world has been passed down through the centuries.

"I got into the sweater business because of my grandmother," Davison explains. "In England, I grew up wearing handmade knits made by her and when I wear a sweater I just feel at home. It is my comfort and I wanted to be able to share that love with others."

Davison came to Whistler from England in the 80s. She raised two children here and started her sweater business, which has now gone international through the website.

"You can't beat the benefits of natural wool," she says. "No synthetic fibre can match it. I am very proud of what we have and people keep coming back because they appreciate the quality."

The benefits of wool

Long-lasting, hard-wearing natural wool helps keep you warm even when wet and damp. The sustainable fibres provide excellent breathability to regulate temperature. It absorbs and wicks moisture away from the body while being antibacterial and odour-resistant.

Here are a few of the products Amos & Andes carries:

Dale of Norway – Celebrates 140 years of culture producing high-quality Norwegian knits. It features beautiful designs using premium Norwegian wool and exclusive wool blends, including merino wool and cashmere to produce lightweight and soft garments ideal for year-round use.

Peruvian Sweaters – Worn for centuries, the soft luxurious artisan-made alpaca wool garments carry on the ancient traditions and techniques from the Andes.

Irish Aran Sweaters – The age-old tradition of Irish knitters dates back to the 1700s. Originally made for fisherman, the wool's natural lanolin makes it water-resistant. Every sweater contains 100,000 carefully constructed stitches using a combination of patterns. There is a story behind every element.

Canadian Cowichan Sweaters – These authentic, unique handmade sweaters are made of bulky, hand-spun unprocessed wool. They are crafted by the Cowichan, a Coast Salish Indigenous People of B.C.

Amos & Andes also carries a selection of shawls, hats, Glerups Danish felt slippers, Thermohair mohair socks and Padraig Cottage slippers.

For the best selection come into the shop located next to the Whistler Visitors Centre or visit the website www.whistlersweatershop.com

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